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Where are the Valeriani in the World?


That would be an interesting thing to know. Well, they are pretty much everywhere. The name itself is of Italian (or we should say ancient Roman) origin, so consequently most Valeriani are located in Italy at present.  


For one reason or another, Italians like to migrate very much. This has distributed a large numbers of Italian surnames pretty much all over the world, especially in the Americas with last century’s mass migrations.  


Thank to progress, we have a way of telling with pinpoint accuracy where they are. There is a service on internet that will tell you exactly how many people of a certain surname are located in a certain area. This is presently available for Italy and the USA. 


The two maps below will give you a visual idea of the population in Italy and in the USA. Unfortunately we don’t have such a great visual aid for other countries at the moment.  



Valeriani location map usa.






Valeriani location in Italy





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