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Massimo Valeriani


Massimo Valeriani, founder of Avinews Magazine in 1974.Massimo Valeriani was a great influential man, bursting with revolutionary and pioneering ideas, till the very end of his life.

First class journalist since young age and founder of Avinews Magazine in 1973, which he directed personally for more than twenty years.

From the very first Avinews Magazine issue, he established a decisive and divergent voice in the Italian tourist trade, opposing everything that was morally wrong and fighting for people’s freedom of choice.

After his sad departure in 2003, his voice has yet to be replaced. In 1994 Massimo Valeriani founded Hello America Incorporated in California, a telephone information bureau offering free advice to inbound travellers to the USA.

He was devoted to the tourist industry and he played a decisive role in the development of the whole Italian tourist trade. 



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